Linea decorativa

Let yourself be transported into a world where water games surround and regenerate you.

Immersed into a soft colored light relax your mind with the soft sounds of the water.

All you need to do is switch off your mind and enjoy a moment of well-being dedicated to you and to the people you love


Wellness path



> Turkish bathroom


Heated Jacuzzi


Emotional path


Ice fall


Infusion corner with dried fruits






Try to imagine the plasure that is waiting for you

You are immersed in the pool water that surrounds your body, embraces it and cradles it.
The colors and scents of the atmosphere inebriate your senses, transporting you to a world where only you and your wellbeing exist. This is the moment of the peace and regeneration, of body, of the mind, of your soul.




A place where the relax

is declined in

all the five senses

If you need to restore your energy,

nothing is like a day in our SPA.






Enter in this emotional world!